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Teams are a great way to multiply the fun of training and the race on Labor Day. Teams are a great way to involve new walkers and runners to increase fitness in an encouraging environment.
  • Families & Friends
  • Corporate Teams
  • Church Teams
  • Running Clubs
  • Community Organizations
  • Small Businesses
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools

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Set Personal & Team Goals

Participating as a Team multiplies the fun and the opportunity to raise more funds for children and adults seeking excellent medical care. When care is out of reach, everyone in the family suffers.
  • Create your Team!
  • Set fundraising and fitness goals!
  • Help more than 7,600 patients get the care they need.
  • Train together and celebrate your successes!

Fun Stuff!

  • Top Fundraiser Awards
  • Top Fundraising Team Awards
  • Best Team T-shirt Awards
  • Kids 1K Awards
  • Fastest 5K Awards
  • Fastest 10K Awards
  • Biggest Teams by Categories
  • And more!

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The Fine Print!

  • A Team is comprised of 5 or more members. Runners, walkers and kids all count.
  • Biggest Team categories will be determined based on those registered before Race Day.
  • All team awards will be announced the day of the event
Summarized below are routines and procedures for determining " Fastest Team" in the 5k and 10k
  • There will be one "fastest team" award for the 5K and one for the 10K.
  • A team must have 5 or more members to be eligible for the "fastest team" award.
  • The 5 highest placed finishers in their respective age group will be used to determine the score of each team.
  • The top finishers will be determined based on where they place in their respective age group.
  • The finish place in the respective age group (3rd place male age group 20-24, for example) of the top five will be added. This will be the score for the team. Lowest team score wins.

The Corporate Challenge Racing Series
Is your company a member of the Nashville Sports Council's Corporate Challenge Racing Series?

Team Photos

Be sure to pose for your Team Photo this year as a participant in the Franklin Classic Team Challenge! Gather at the steps of the Historic Williamson County Courthouse at the Franklin Classic Photo Porch!

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Participating with a team multiplies the fun and funds for Mercy Community Healthcare.

Not Everyone Runs but Everyone Can Support a Cause! Mercy Community Healthcare 2017
Goal: $5,000
Top Teams:
Alyssa Fuqua
The Aliotte Family
Butter Pants - Muffin Tops
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